Government surplus auctions are held every month in Michigan.  The website has lists of all the major government auctions.  This list will include small townships as well as larger cities and will have different departments within the township having small or even large auctions.  The most popular items to purchase from these auctions is drug seizure items.  High priced custom automobiles, off road vehicles, boats, and even real-estate can be found at auction.  The prices are very reasonable and there are always good deals to be had.  The military has great surplus auctions where you can find decommissioned machinery, trucks, even airplanes sometimes. 

Perhaps the most profitable Military surplus auctions are the ones for scrap metal.  Frequently there will be truckloads of 20,000 pounds plus of scrap brass, copper, lead, or other metals.  The Military doesn't want the difficult job of transporting it to a recycle center so they sell it off at auction.  If you have a way of transporting lots of scrap metal purchasing these auctions can be very profitable.

Corporations often have surplus auctions for excess inventory.  These closeouts are excellent sources of merchandise for small businesses because of the high discounts on new product.  Auction Michigan always has closeout inventory that is available in its bi-yearly auctions.  Frequently, corporations that are selling the merchandise will require buyers to remove labels or tags from the product before resale.  This is done so that the consumer doesn't find a specific stores brand name merchandise offered at prices that are too low.  The image a company creates around its merchandising program is very important and the corporations don't want to damage their reputation with closeouts.  When purchasing at auction you will be made aware of requirements for you to remove labels or identifying markings from the product you are bidding on. 

Business surplus equipment and fixtures always go up for surplus auctions.  When a large store gets new shelving or a forklift the old equipment must be sold many corporations choose to auction it off to the highest bidder.  These auctions can be a great source of quality equipment and fixtures that a small business can use.  Auction Michigan has auctions devoted to commercial fixtures and equipment.

Perhaps the most common surplus auctions are store returned merchandise.  These auctions of pallets full of sometimes damaged merchandise have become very popular in recent years.  Liquidation wholesalers like Great Lakes Auction Consignments and specialize in selling store returns from major US retailers like Sears, Kmart, Walmart, and More.  Purchasing store returns is always interesting and often very profitable.

No matter what surplus auction you are looking for Auction Michigan will help guide you to finding the best possible deals.  Our auctions we host are always guaranteed to be unsorted merchandise or top quality specialty equipment.  Please let us know how we can assist you in your inventory and liquidation needs.

Most people think of Surplus auctions as Government liquidation of excess supplies.  In reality surplus auctions can be held by private companies or even large corporations.  Buying at surplus auctions can be very profitable and very interesting.  These auctions have some of the most expensive lot prices of any auction you will ever find.  The reason for the high prices is because each lot has more pieces or quantity than typical auctions.

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